How to increase the efficiency of customer reporting with PowerBI?

Boris Fievet


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Banking and Insurance

Context and challenge:

Our client in the insurance sector has a large volume of customer reports that need to be processed and analyzed on a regular basis. These reports include claims data, customer demographics, and policy information, among others. The current process for analyzing these reports is manual and time-consuming, with analysts spending hours poring over data and creating reports manually. This process is prone to errors and delays, leading to a lack of efficiency and a poor customer experience.


To increase the efficiency of customer reporting, we decided to implement PowerBI. PowerBI is a data visualization and analysis tool that allows users to create interactive dashboards and reports using real-time data from various sources. We integrated PowerBI with our client data systems and trained its analysts on how to use the tool.

Using PowerBI, the analysts were able to create dashboards and reports that displayed customer data in real-time. They could also customize these reports to show only the most relevant information for each customer. This allowed them to analyze customer data more efficiently and quickly identify any trends or issues that needed to be addressed.


The implementation of PowerBI significantly increased the efficiency of customer reporting for the insurance company. The analysts were able to process and analyze customer data much faster, resulting in a faster turnaround time for customer reports. This led to improved customer satisfaction and a better overall customer experience. Additionally, the use of PowerBI reduced the risk of errors and inaccuracies in customer reports, further improving the quality of the data and analysis. Overall, the use of PowerBI helped the insurance company to better serve its customers and make more informed business decisions.

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